Adult Faith Formation

. . . involves 4 steps: 

  • Engaging the life experiences of the participants
  • Exploring the concepts to be taught (Scripture and Tradition)
  • Reflecting and integrating the concepts with the lived experience
  • Responding with a new way of living

St. Ignatius of Loyola described this as entering through their door but leaving through your door.


Catechesis is sharing the whole message of Christianity, the good news of the gospel, with others.  It is centered on Jesus Christ and is aimed at all members of the church–adults, youth, children–to deepen and mature their faith.  It is much more than instruction about Catholic Christian beliefs; it is also of personal faith by committed Christians.

Days of Reflection

A retreat is a period of time used to step away from the routine activities of life.  Many areas of enrichment can be found during a retreat, such as deepening of prayer, a sense of belonging in the community, interaction with peers, and informal celebrations of the sacraments.