Wedding Planning

So, you are planning to get married . . . Congratulations!

What are the necessary steps to complete Marriage preparation?

1) Make an appointment with Fr. Tom to discuss the preparation program, possible wedding dates, and expectations of the couple. Should one or both persons entering into marriage have been married previously, an annulment must be obtained from the diocese before the wedding can be scheduled.

2) Arrange with Toni McKay to make an appointment for pre-marital counseling.

3) Once the pastor has reviewed the recommendation of the counselor, and collected the $100 church fee, a wedding date may be entered in the parish and pastor’s calendar.

4) Make an appointment with Toni McKay to begin paperwork and preparation guidance sessions. There is no need to wait for your counseling sessions to begin. We want to get you started on a healthy preparation course as soon as we can!

5) Contact Whitney Crooks to discuss music and other details for your wedding liturgy.

Read more about the details involved in planning your wedding ceremony in our marriage brochure at the link below.

Marriage Brochure